Why do I love working from home?

Because I get to work bare foot!



Why am I sharing this? Not only to justify my feet’s freedom but because from the moment we get out of bed in the morning to the moment we pull the covers over ourselves at night our feet are hard at work. And for a big part of our day they are crammed into immobilizing foot wear #footcages and it is affecting us.

The foot contains 26 bones (each), 33 joints, and 19 muscles and tendons. The foot is dextrous, and Katy Bowman author of Move Your DNA: Restore your health through natural movement, describes the feet as a sensory organ just like your eyes and nose. When we walk through our environment our feet pick up information from the terrain that is communicated to the brain to maintain awareness of your body in space. That input picked up from your feet is used to adjust your body over uneven ground. Years spent in too tight, too supportive, too much heel footwear creates sticky spots within the mobile units of the foot; changing the interaction between your foot and the ground, distorting the information as it is picked up. Ever tripped over your own feet? Yeah, we’ve all been there!
If you have ever seen me for a treatment I may have said the term “sticky” or “adhered” with regards to your muscles and fascia. If your feet are sticky, and your hips are sticky, and places in your back are sticky you are setting off a chain reaction of misguided movement patterns and dysfunction and ultimately pain.

So I say: #freethefeet! Spend more time with your shoes OFF, feel the fresh air between your toes, walk on all kinds of ground: grass, sand, gravel to regain sole sensitivity, retrain the joints for movement, and strengthen the arches and muscles.

Contact Me to book an appointment with me and we can assess the mobility of your feet or other areas within the body and discuss take home exercises you can incorporate into your day to improve foot and overall function.

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