It’s JanYOUary! Soon to be FebrYOUary…
Often after a hectic holiday season we make promises to take better care of ourselves. Simple changes in our routines and daily habits to incorporate more self-care and time set aside for yourself.

Allow me to help you with that! Massage Therapy is wonderful tool for self-care. As part of the steps towards a healthy, and more active lifestyle it gives you that time needed to look after your body; this physical vessel that carts you through life, movin’ and groovin’ for you. In the hands of a professional, you can work towards: less pain, better sleep, improved movement patterns, decreased stress, manage chronic conditions, and increase happiness!

Another great thing about JanYOUary is that most benefit cycles have restarted. Make this the year you stay on top of your [self] care. Scheduling regular appointments, massage therapy or others; (dentist, physiotherapy, haircuts, medical checkups), can sometimes prevent injury or cavities, bad hair days, and medical emergencies.

I am able to take on new clients. Scheduling your first appointment is easy online and we can assess your needs to determine the best approach to care for you! It is always a joy to continue seeing my current clients, seeing you improve and helping you achieve your goals.

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