Feeling under the weather, sniffly, sore throat, fever, coughing, sneezing? Please reschedule your appointment.

It is not advised to receive massage therapy when you are sick. If you show up to your appointment feeling unwell you will be kindly asked to go home and rest. Please note that you will be billed 50% the appointment fee as a no-show.

For your wellbeing, mine, and your fellow clients, I respectfully ask that you cancel your appointment and reschedule when you have fully recovered; at least two days with no symptoms. 

I understand that illness can strike you down suddenly, if you cannot adhere to the 24 hour policy please contact me ASAP – somebody else may still be able to make use of the appointment time.  


For your Insurance Benefits Cycle, please plan ahead; unless clinically relevant, multiple appointments to “use up benefits” will NOT be permitted.

Everyone is entitled to have access to the schedule for continuity of current treatment plans. Thank you for your understanding. 


Please allow 24 hour notice if you are unable to attend your scheduled appointment or need to reschedule.

Notice within 24 hours; a cancellation fee will be charged at 50% the appointment fee. If you no-show your appointment a charge of 50% the original appointment fee is charged. Cancellation/no-show fees are collected via EMT before the next scheduled appointment. 

Your appointment begins at the time scheduled, if you are LATE for your appointment start time I cannot guarantee that you will receive your full time. The full appointment fee is charged.

Emergencies and illness do strike, I aim to be flexible and understanding with my policies. I respect your valuable time and kindly ask that you respect mine.


Please be prepared to make payment via cash, cheque or EMT by the end of your Massage Therapy Appointment.

A receipt will NOT be released until payment has been received.

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